Gavin Buchanan Ewart

4 February 1916 - 23 October 1995

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Gavin Ewart was a poet who contributed to G. Grigson's New Verse when he was seventeen ("Phallus in Wonderland").

He was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge where he received a BA in 1937 and an MA in 1942.

His first volume, Poems and Songs, appeared in 1939. After WWII, where he served in the Royal Artillery,  he worked for many years as an advertising copywriter.

His second volume, Londoners, which followed his first after a long interval in 1964, was in general more serious in tone and showed affinities with the poetry of John Betjeman. In 1971 he became a full-time freelance writer.

Later he published several volumes of poetry, mainly of light, comic, satiric, and erotic verse, which showed the influence of Auden: these included Pleasures of the Flesh (1966), Or Where a Young Penguin Lies Screaming (1977), All my Little Ones (1978), More Little Ones (1982).

The Collected Ewart 1933-1980 (1980) was followed by The New Ewart: Poems 1980-1982 (1982), Capital Letters (1983), Late Pickings (1987), Selected Poems 1933-1988 (1988), Penultimate Poems (1989), and Collected Poems 1980-1990 (1991).

He also edited the Penguin Book of Light Verse (1980) and Other People's Clerihews (1983), and was himself a master of the limerick, the clerihew, and the occasional verse.

Based on information from The Oxford Companion to English Literature and Encyclopedia Britannica.

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